Want Advice to Compare Laptops? Find Notebook Reviews & Laptop Reviews

Want Advice to Compare Laptops? Find Notebook Reviews & Laptop Reviews

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Neil-Denny

For consumers not so fluent in tech-lingo about RAM and processors, buying a laptop can be tricky and tiring. Eliminate the confusion of comparing different specifications and models by looking at reviews, opinions, and critiques from the experts. Don't just take our word for it; these sites have reliable professionals who do the comparison work for you.

The first stop to get expert opinions on the latest laptops is PCWorld. PCWorld and its sister site MacWorld are both under the umbrella of the International Data Group, which publishes over 300 magazine publications specializing in technology. The number of accolades awarded to PCWorld magazine and its website is a testament to their expertise and credibility, and the high quality of their articles and information. PCWorld allows you to search laptops by price, manufacturer, and editor rating. The site is a little cluttered, and a more streamlined user experience is desired. However, in-depth reviews on features and performance, as well as visual comparisons to other models, makes the trip to PCWorld worthwhile. Considering PCWorld was a finalist for the National Magazine Award, one of few technology publications to ever be nominated, you can expect reliable information out of PCWorld and MacWorld.com.

Cnet is another fan favorite among computer enthusiasts. Cnet provides industry news, product reviews, downloads, podcasts, and how-to sections to provide all the information you need when it comes to shopping and maintaining your laptop. A laptop search on Cnet is a step up from PCWorld as far as interface. You can easily browse laptops by pricing, brand, screen size, or laptop type. You can also view the Editor's Top Picks, and review Top 5 lists for laptops, ultrabooks, and laptop cases. Their online Laptop Finder makes it easier to browse through their immense database of laptop reviews. You can narrow your search according to operating system, size, processor, memory, features, and energy consumption to help find the laptop review most relevant to your needs. Cnet.com was launched 18 years ago, making it one of the earliest and most reliable online tech review magazines in the business.

For a unique no-nonsense approach to laptop reviews, pay a visit to Gizmodo or Wired.com. Gizmodo also known as “the Gadget Guide,” is a technology weblog that gives concise, to-the-point, and often humorous insights to anything from smart phones and computers to nerf guns and Star Wars Legos. Alhough you won't get the refined laptop search avaiable on PCWorld and Cnet, Gizmodo addresses concerns from an consumer's standpoint. So any laptop review you do find amidst their many gadget reviews is sure to cover all the issues directly related to you from a very critical perspective.

Wired.com is another site that takes the straightforward approach to consumer electronics reviews. Wired's paper and online publication is meant to be “the Rolling Stone of technology.” Product reviews are conducted for specific laptop models. Again you won't get the comprehensive search available on PCWorld and Cnet, but laptop reviews are more accessible than they are on Gizmodo. Wired means business, which is shown through the brief descriptions provided for every point on their strict 10-point ratings system: from 1 (“a complete failure in every way”), to 5 (Recommended with reservations), to 10 (Metaphysical product perfection”). Every review ends with a  “Wired” and “Tired” section, which sums up the highlights and lowlights of the product, respectively.

Every review site has its own set of advantages that can appeal to every different kind of consumer. PCWorld gives you the reassurance of a highly respectable publication that's used by computer users worldwide. Nearly two decades of experience and an interface that's easy to navigate has made Cnet the go-to source for online computer reports. Gizmodo takes the consumer's perspective into consideration and delivers articles that are blunt and honest, while Wired aims at becoming the authoritative voice in technology news and reviews. With these sites on hand whenever you need a reputable critique on your next potential laptop, you'll be well on your way to a successful purchase.




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