3 Ways to Score Computer Deals: How to Find Discount Computers for Sale

3 Ways to Score Computer Deals: How to Find Discount Computers for Sale

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Angela

Good laptops and computers are rarely cheap; according to a study by PC World, the average price of laptops in March was $725, and prices can go much higher than that very quickly. If you want to get thinner, faster, lighter laptops, or get a longer battery life, better performance, more memory, and so on, it's easy to find laptops well over $1000. But you don't always have to pay full retail price to get a quality laptop—here are tips on getting discounted laptops and computers.

1. Buy online from discount computer stores

There are numerous online stores devoted to selling discount computers and other electronics. Buying online is almost always better than going into a store to shop for computers. If you go to an Apple store, you will pay full retail price for a MacBook, but you can find that same MacBook online at a discounted price. Here are the most notable discount computer sites.
Newegg.com offers a fantastic selection of laptop and desktop computers, along with other electronic gadgets. Many of their items come with free shipping, and they have a Daily Deals feature which spotlights a few products per day and offers additional discounts on them. Newegg offers both new and older models of computers for sale and users have cited their prices as some of the best on the net.
Nextag is a comparative shopping site that offers laptops, desktops, computer components, accessories, and non-computer items. You select an item and the site shows you a list of the item's various prices around the web. You can also read reviews and watch items to keep track of price changes over time.
Spartan Technologies sells discounted computer components and accessories. While there are no fully-assembled machines for sale on the site, there are great deals on computer parts, monitors, upgrades, and software, making it ideal for those who want to upgrade their current computer or build their own.

Amazon is no stranger to anybody who's done online shopping. With outstanding prices on just about everything you can think of, it's no surprise that Amazon is also a great place to get discounted computers. It offers a massive selection of both new and used computers for sale, and its huge review database is a great tool to help you make a choice.

Outlet PC is one of the biggest online computer stores. It offers free shipping on all orders over $99 and tens of thousands of laptops, desktops, components, and accessories. Their customer service is one of the best rated of any online store.

Tiger Direct is another discount computer store that also offers electronics and other products. Their Tiger Deal Slasher feature is a daily special sale, offering one item at up to 70% off. Along with all kinds of computers, you can browse their discounted phones, printers, and software as well.
TechBargains bills itself as "the site retailers hope you don't discover", and for good reason: they offer some of the net's best deals on computers for sale. Their site also features coupons for other online retailers, both tech- and non-tech-related.

Mac Mall is a great website for those who prefer Apple products and aren't satisfied with offerings on other sites. They sell all manner of Apple computers, accessories, and other devices. Worth checking out is their refurbished section, which provides even more computer deals.

MacConnection is an Apple Authorized Retailer that focuses on Apple products, though other brands are also available. From 9 AM to midnight every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they offer Express Deals on assorted items. They also offer free shipping on any order over $99.
2. Don't be afraid of old software

Another way to get good computer deals is to pay attention to the operating system of the models you look at. Often the newest operating system will add considerable bulk to the price tag of your computer. Some of the best discount computers can be found by searching for older operating systems. Typically computers with older operating systems will be discounted when a new version comes out, and will still work just as well as they did a year or two ago. Consider software as well - older versions of MS Office preloaded, for example, will end up costing less than the latest version.

3. Build your own computer

Another option for those willing to invest time is to buy a barebones kit and assemble their computer themselves. You don't have to start from scratch, as the kits include everything. Assembling the computer will take time, but for a do-it-yourselfer it can be fun and inexpensive, plus more customizable. The kits cost much less than an assembled computer, and can be found at stores like Outlet PC.

The best computer deals aren't as hard to find as you may think; in fact, they're everywhere. All kinds of sites offer computers for sale at fantastic prices, and depending on your needs, you can easily find discount computers for up to half off what you would pay from the manufacturer. With these tips in mind, you should be able to purchase a great computer at an even greater price.

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