Netbook vs Notebook: What Cheap Netbooks & Best Netbook Deals Offer

Netbook vs Notebook: What Cheap Netbooks & Best Netbook Deals Offer

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Angela

On a tight computer budget? If you're unwilling to spend a lot of money on a notebook or laptop, it might be a good idea to buy a netbook. Though they're not the most popular computers around, that doesn't make them bad—netbooks use different software to save on hardware requirements and give the user many of the computing needs of a larger computer, in a more portable and less expensive device. Netbooks are inexpensive choices that do not lessen capability and will meet most users' computer needs; a good netbook can be a very functional option for consumers strapped for money on their computer budget.

So what exactly is the differene between a netbook and a notebook? Notebooks are what most people visualize when they think of laptop computers. Netbooks, on the other hand, are smaller, more portable, and useful for different things than full-sized notebooks. They weigh far less, contain less hardware, and have less processing power than a notebook.

Netbooks usually do not have very large hard drives, so most of a netbook user's files will be stored with cloud computing. Cloud computing provides access to files, programs, and data from the internet. Everything is stored in a "cloud", or a remote hard drive, rather than on the netbook's hard drive. This means it can be accessed from any computer while saving storage space on your netbook for important system files and programs. Some cheap netbooks purchases may come with a certain amount of cloud space or discounts on cloud services.

Netbooks may not be for everyone, but the average computer user may find them better than full sized notebooks for a number of reasons. Typical computer tasks like web browsing, word processing, blogging, writing, and video watching can all be done easily on a netbook. Because they are so portable, netbooks are great for students, travelers, journalists, and those who are often on the go. However, those who like to play graphics-intensive games, do heavy video editing, or otherwise need a lot of power would be better off with a notebook.

Though cheap netbooks are great for a number of reasons, they do have a couple of downsides. Their small screens may make them portable, but it can also be harder to see what's on the screen or make out detail in images or videos. They tend to have less memory and processing power than notebooks, which means that resource-intensive programs may not run well, or even at all, on them. And all but the best netbook will lack a CD or DVD drive, making it harder to install software, watch movies, or play music CDs without buying an external CD/DVD drive. If you're deciding between netbook vs notebook, these may make or break your decision.

Netbook deals can be found all over the web. Netbooks as a general rule are already cheaper than notebooks, but you can find the best netbook for you at an even lower price by shopping at a site that specializes in cheap netbooks. You can find budget netbooks for around $250 to $300, while the best netbook with the most features will run at $500 to $600. You can expect to pay lot less, though, by shopping for netbook deals on discount computer sites.

When it comes down to netbook vs notebook, it all depends on what kind of computer user you are. Netbooks may not be the most powerful computers around, but for the average user, they're a great, less expensive alternative to full sized notebook computers. If you just want a portable, inexpensive machine to do your daily browsing and typing, a netbook may be just the computer for you.

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