How to Find Top Laptops - Go Custom Built: Computers and Custom Laptops

How to Find Top Laptops - Go Custom Built: Computers and Custom Laptops

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Neil-Denny

While brands like Apple, HP, and Lenovo offer premium laptops, buying a pre-built computer will set certain limitations on what your laptop can do for you. For exactly what you want and need in a laptop, consider a custom-built model made exactly to your specifications. Whether you need a laptop or desktop built for business, a first-class entertainment and gaming system, or even a computer able to withstand the demanding environments of military usage, you can ensure the highest quality by getting one customized to be your ideal computing machine. Here we list the ways in which a custom computer can benefit you and a couple of manufacturers that can make it happen.

There are many different uses for custom laptops. What you ultimately want to do with your computer will determine the hardware that needs to go into it. Gamers are big on customization because their computers need the high-performance hardware that may or may not be available in pre-built models. For both desktop and laptop gaming machines, a high-end graphics card is a necessity to support high resolution HD graphics. Precautions must be taken to prevent the machine from overheating, while overlocking options increase performance to prevent the unit from lagging. Many of these specifications apply to professionals in the creative field. Premium quality graphics, high resolution, and fast processors are highly desired for those involved in photo and video editing, computer generated modeling, and animation.

Military personnel and business professionals are more concerned with the physical makeup of their computing machines as it applies to their respective fields. A military computer must have rigorous mechanical and thermal components for increased compatibility in rugged environments and extreme climates. They must have long-life processors and sturdy encasements to withstand the heavy-duty handling associated with military operations. Advanced technology such as handwriting recognition is often built into custom PC military tablets for increased security and functionality. Laptops meant for business usage are concerned with more subtleties, improving ergonomic design while maintaining a professional image. Business style modifications can include a smudge-proof display screen, self-adjusting fan for quiet work on laptops, special keyboards to prevent fingers from getting tired while typing, and slim sizes for a sleek look and easy storage.

Custom-built laptops can be ordered in two different ways. Users can either select from different premade models geared to achieve specific purposes, or customize the entire unit from top to bottom. Customizable options depend on each individual manufacturer, but usually include selection of all the major components: motherboard, central processing unit, RAM, video card and storage drive. Other modifications can include the operating system, wireless internet, cooling, sound card, and custom paint jobs. Keyboards can also be modified for travel distance between keystrokes, illumination, classic or chiclet-style keys, and overall layout.

Falcon Northwest is one custom computer shop that is highly rated for gaming machines. Start by visiting and choose between the Falcon TLX or Falcon DRX as your base laptop. From there you can either take the model as is, or customize just about every facet of your computer. Use the online configurator to upgrade the processor and memory, choose from different hard drives and video cards, switch from a 8x DVD reader to a 6x Blu-ray DVD Writer, and modify a variety of other options. You can also opt to add on accessories, like keyboard options, USB flash drive, and external storage. With the high-end components available at Falcon Northwest, you'll have a custom-built machine that's ready to tackle the hardest games and the heaviest computing task head-on. 

Puget Systems is a custom shop known for easy customization, fast build times, and personable customer service. They build custom desktop computers, gaming machines, servers, and laptops. Service reps are on hand to help you with you build a computer tailor made to your specifications. They will tell you what hardware is necessary to complete the processes you expect your computer to perform, and what you can cut down on to make your custom model more affordable for you. The clean cut style and performance of a custom computer from Puget Systems is perfect for business-minded users.

Your ideal computer doesn't necessarily have to be the most popular model sitting on the shelf. You can find a laptop or desktop computer that's just right by creating your own at a custom computer shop. The beauty of going for a custom built laptop lies in your creative freedom. Rather than restrict yourself to the limitations of a brand's idea of what a laptop should be, the definition of the perfect computer is completely up to you. 



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